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Company Profile

Who We Are

Intelligent Control is a reputable HVAC company located in Sydney, providing quality installation, maintenance, and repair services. We work with a wide range of customers including major Facility Management organisation, Builders, retail and Real Estate Companies.

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IC Air Conditioning
IC Air Conditioning

Why Choose Us

  • We pride ourselves on being consistent in delivering quality work with our responsive, friendly, reliable, and knowledgeable technicians
  • We have built a reputation for being a service-based business.
  • Our licensed technicians have the problem-solving ability and carefully assess your HVAC needs.
  • Our solutions are root-cause based, which will enable you to get the maximum benefits of our service.

Areas of Expertise

  • HVAC installation.
  • HVAC rebuilding.
  • BMS Controls
  • Foam insulation.
  • HVAC maintenance and repairs.
  • Optimisation
  • Air filtration & cleaning.
  • Dilapidation and Life Cycle Reports.
IC Air Conditioning

Quality heating

& air conditioning



IC Air Conditioning
IC Air Conditioning
IC Air Conditioning
IC Air Conditioning